Meet Emma Södergren

Owner of Emma's Home Cooking

Name: Emma Södergren Age: 31 Lives in: Helsingborg, Sweden Occupation: Police officer

Passion: Emma's Home Cooking - Chef for hire

Favorite Rivsalt product: ”Pepper 011 because it’s so good! I ground it for the deer filet and the taste is amazing, I use it with wild boar as well.

And it looks different too, many guests at my dinners get very curious when they see the pepper.”

Follow her on Instagram: @emmas_homecooking

A chef for hire

Emma brings her knowledge, knives and sous vide to private homes where she cooks in front of and sometimes together with – the hosts and their guests. Every time a new place, new people, a new kitchen. It’s a challenge she loves. Still, it’s not her main job.

Living two dreams

Being a police officer, Emma spends her workdays dealing with the harsher aspects of everyday life, far from fine dining, lit candles and expectant guests. But she’s right where she wants to be. Just being a chef at a restaurant, she says, might take the joy out of her cooking. So she’s living two dreams instead of one.

Inspiration is everywhere

What ends up on the menu is very much up to her customers. If they say wild game meat, this country girl’s smile becomes bigger and she might suggest elk or wild boar — with a twist or two. Anything but an ordinary stew.

She’s passionate about finding new flavors and combinations, and she can find inspiration and new ideas anywhere – at a restaurant, on YouTube or on Instagram. And her 86-year-old grandmother is always up for a chat back home in Tidaholm. Where it all started, in grandma’s kitchen.

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