Meet Dante Zia

From Swedish MasterChef 2018

Name: Dante Zia Age: 26 Lives in: Lund, Sweden Occupation: Chef and student

Passion: Food, cooking and entertainment

Favorite Rivsalt product: ”The salt rocks in 009 TASTE Jr, definitely. I also love the 019 PASTA SALT, so convenient!”

Follow him on Instagram: @dantezia

Grandma's spezzatino

The Italian cuisine was always present when he grew up. At home in Sweden or when visiting his Italian family in the Veneto region in the northeast of Italy. His grandmother’s cooking has inspired him a lot and her spezzatino, a beef stew, is a family classic. Dante cooked it on tv, as a tribute. And because it’s simply delicious.

World's best food fusion country

While Italy has a special place in his heart, Dante gets his influences from all over the world. Without having to leave Sweden. We live in the world’s best food fusion country, he says. This wonderful mix of people from different parts of the world develop our cooking tremendously. There’s a lot of focus on food in Sweden and we have more Michelin restaurants than ever. It’s amazing.

Food should make you happy

To Dante, a meal is not just a meal. It should be a happy moment in people’s daily lives, he says. And he practices what he preaches because that’s what his cooking on tv is. Happy, entertaining moments. So what’s next for Dante Zia? More tv during the fall, that’s decided. He would like to have his own restaurant but no concrete plans yet. And yes, he will write his master’s thesis during the fall. Just in case.

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