013 TOOTHPICK - Moroccan toothpick flower. stand in natural oak. stylish gift pack.

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TOOTHPICK helps you and your guests get food out of your teeth in the most natural way: with an elegant flower from the toothpick plant Ammi Visnaga. Break off a flower stalk from the beautiful, dried plant and use it as a regular toothpick. Placed in the accompanying stand of untreated wood, this useful plant becomes an unusual interior design piece that will make your guests curious – and surprised.

The flower heads used in TOOTHPICK are harvested at the Atlas Mountains in Morocco where they are also dried before being sent to Casablanca for final selection. The locals have used the plant for a variety of purposes for more than 1000 years and they still use the dried flower stalks as toothpicks.


Flower size: ~70-100 mm (height) x ~30-50 mm (average width)

Desk stand: Ø43x20 mm / Ø1.69x0.79 in. Manufactured out natural oak wood.

Cardboard gift tube: Ø45x13.5 mm / Ø1.77x5.31 in

Weight: ~60-70 gram