007 BBQ Pro - himalayan salt blocks and metal tray. sleek cardboard gift pack.

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HIMALAYAN SALT BLOCKS [8.5 kg / 18 lb 11 oz]

More food, more options – and more flavor. Our BBQ Pro kit with two Himalayan salt blocks and a metal tray lets you cook food on salt blocks where it suits you. Place the tray with the two salt blocks directly on your gas, induction or electric stove top, put it in the oven or use it on your gas or charcoal grill.

The salt blocks have a natural non-stick surface and are used as a griddle. Ideal for meat, fish, shellfish, or vegetables. Oil the surfaces and heat up the blocks slowly to turn them into a sizzling cooking surface that flavors your food evenly. The salt blocks can also be chilled and used as a decorative serving plate, for instance for sushi or an ice cream dessert.

Please read our USAGE & CARE INSTRUCTION prior to your purchase and first use. If these instructions are followed you will be able to use your salt blocks over and over again.


Size: 380x225x65 mm / 14.96x8.85x2.56 in

Total cooking surface: 300x200 mm / 11.81x7.87 in

Weight: 8.5 kg / 18 lb 11 oz