022 TONKA - dried aromatic beans. stylish gift pack

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TONKA offers an enchanting aroma when grated. Almond, vanilla, woodruff, and fresh hay blended with fruity, spicy notes. Suitable for desserts? Definitely. And for cocktails, savory dishes, and pastry, too.

Sprinkle tonka shavings on Irish Coffee. Use it in chocolate truffles or crème brûlée alongside sweet fruits like strawberry and apricots. Why not stir grated tonka into a rich tomato soup, flavor a mayonnaise to accompany fish or grate some over scallops? Grate it with any RIVSALT grater but use tonka bean shavings sparingly. A small amount is enough to add that delicious, subtle taste.

Our tonka beans come from northern Brazil, where farmers pick them up and prepare them once they’ve fallen off the Brazilian Teak tree [Dipteryx odorata]. To some cultures, the tonka bean is a lucky charm. To us it’s simply delicious.

Note: Not available in the US, due to restrictions of the tonka bean in the US.


Tonka beans: 20-40 mm / 0.8-1.4 in (varying shape). Approx. 30 g / 0.06 oz

Gift tube: Ø28x135 mm / Ø1.10x5.3 in

Total weight: Approx. 45 g / 1.6 oz