009 TASTE Jr - selection of five unique salt rocks. stylish gift pack.

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TASTE Jr is the perfect product for exploring the flavors of different rock salts from around the world. This special taster pack consists of five gemstone-like salt rocks, each with its own distinctive taste and suitable for different types of food and dishes. Grate the rocks and taste the salt to find your favorites that you can use together with our large grater 005 KITCHEN or with our original product for the dining room table, 001 RIVSALT.

NOTE: in some of the images you find a brown rock salt, the Austrian Alp salt. This salt is currently out of stock and not possible to purchase from our suppliers. We will include this salt as soon as we get it back in stock. Meanwhile, the 009 product include five rocks, but a bit more of each rock, so total weight is same as before.


Total salt weight: 150 g / 5.29 oz

Gift tube: Ø45x135 mm / Ø1.77x5.31 in

Total weight: Approx. 170 g / 6.0 oz

Check out our SALT GUIDE for more extensive information on each salt rock. Note, page will open in new tab.