008 TASTE - selection of four unique salt rocks. stylish gift pack.

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TASTE fits perfectly with our large grater 005 KITCHEN. Four salt rocks from three continents that can inspire you to explore new flavors and discover new dishes. The salt rocks look like precious gems and placed on KITCHEN's stand of untreated oak they will get the attention they deserve in your kitchen. Each salt rock has its own unique taste, and are well suited for different dishes.


Total salt weight: 240 g / 8.46 oz

Gift tube: Ø56x170 mm / Ø1.8x5.43 in

Total weight: Approx. 320 g / 11.3 oz

Contents: Black Kala namak salt from India, Crystal clear Halite salt from Pakistan, Rose salt from Bolivia and Brown Alpine salt from Austria

Check out our SALT GUIDE for more extensive information on each salt rock. Note, page will open in new tab.