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SPICE GRATER is a utensil that makes seasoning easy and elegant. The grater is specifically developed for grating salt and spices in our RIVSALT assortment and designed to lie comfortably in your hand.

Instead of the holes that most graters have, our grater is equipped with small, sharp blades in the same style as the traditional Japanese grater. The small blades grate salt stones and dried spices efficiently and you can easily see grains and shavings on the dish in front of you while you grate thanks to the grater’s small and handy size. You know exactly when to stop. The grater is made of high-quality stainless steel.

So what can you grate? Try our salt stones, the organic nutmeg or cassia cinnamon bark to enhance and add flavor and aroma. Surprise your dinner guests with grated raw licorice on top of the dessert. For more spicy delicacies, we recommend our various chilies and the spectacular tonka beans.

Many drink recipes contain spices. Some are healthy, such as an invigorating detox shot of grated dried ginger, turmeric and Java long pepper mixed with water. Others are relaxingly good and rightfully rewarding, like a gin & tonic on a Friday night flavored with grated long pepper.


SPICE BOWLS with salt, pepper, and chili testers ready to be served and grated. The three bowls in natural oak add a Scandinavian touch to your table setting and go very well with our universal 028 SPICE GRATER. A great addition for a perfect gift set to anyone who enjoys discovering new tastes and recipes and appreciate Scandinavian design.

This gift box comes with samples of Himalayan rock salt, Java long peppers and Bird’s eye chili, which is one of the hottest chilies available (approx. 110,000 Scoville units). All spices enhance flavors and add aroma in their own way, whether you use them in a dish, a dessert, or a drink. Try grated Java long pepper on top of a well-deserved Friday Gin & Tonic or in your ginger/turmeric detox drink. Or why not create your own spicy masterpiece by grating dried Bird’s eye chili over that lame Bolognese and surprise the kids? But just a pinch!